Do you offer fights?

Lamnammoon Muay Thai can help fighters get matches according to their skill level. Boxers will need to stay at the camp for at least a month a half in order to get a fight. This is to ensure that the boxer is qualified enough to fight and to match them up accordingly. The gym has connections to Max Muay Thai, MBK Fight Night, Asiatique, Lumpinee, Rajadamern,  Ubon Ratchanthani, local fights and other venues.

I'm interested in staying long term. Do you sponsor fighters?

In order to get a sponsorship at the gym you will need to prove yourself not only as a fighter but as a valuable team member. While Lamnammon Muay Thai does consider and has sponsored fighters it is very much on a case by case basis. 

Do you offer Visas?

With Thailand buttoning down the hatches on visiting the Land of Smiles we encourage long term visitors to either get a multiple reentry tourist visa or to get a student visa.

I've never done Muay Thai before, is Lamnammon Muay Thai a good fit for me?

Lamnammoon is a great fit for anyone willing to put the time and energy into their training. We begin with novices and work with very advanced students as well. Training is tailored to your ability level. 

 Does Lamnammoon Muay Thai train Women?

Lamnammoon Muay Thai welcomes students of all ages and genders. We don't discriminate and don't ask women to train separately, enter the ring under the ropes, or get pad work last. Women train the same as anyone else at the gym.

Do I need to Speak Thai to be in Thailand?

While being able to speak some Thai comes in handy, especially with longer stays. All of our staff speaks English and we have a native English language speaker on staff. Many students come out of the camp having learned basic Thai.

How do I get around Ubon?

Motorbikes are available to rent and the staff provides transportation otherwise to and from the gym along with other areas.