Training Regime

A typical day of training at the peak of their fitness is as follows. Programs can be adjusted for people with different fitness levels and are at different parts of training for their fights.



Run 8-12km

Shadowbox 3 rounds

Pad Work 3-5 rounds

Bag Work 3-5 rounds

Clinching 20 minutes

Bag Drills 

Strength and conditioning

Cool Down and Stretching



Run 4-5km

Skip 15 minutes


Shadowbox 3 rounds

Pad Work 5-8 rounds

Bag Work 5 rounds

Clinching 30-40 minutes

Sprints/Speed training

Bag drills

Strength and conditioning

Cool down and stretching

Technical Sparring happens on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and boxers with a fight program will box spar 1-2 times a week in the afternoons



Training per session: 300 baht

Training 2x per day: 500 baht

Training per week: 3000 baht

Training for 1 month: 10,000 baht

Train, eat and sleep 1 day: 1200 baht

Train, eat and sleep 1 week: 8000 baht

Train, eat and sleep 1 month: 28000 baht. 


We currently have 5 shared rooms with air conditioning, WIFI, hot shower and private bathroom per room. Depending on the time of your visit you may have a private room or be sharing with another student. Private rooms can also be arranged.


Food is traditional Thai and Isaan food served family style. Certain food requests can be catered to as well. A typical meal consists of sticky rice with various curries, grilled or fried meat, stir fried vegetables and fruit.